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What Six-Figure Freelancers Already Know & Do

Our founder Austin L. Church started freelancing in 2009 after getting laid off. He had $486 and a background in poetry, not business. Being desperate and clueless worked in his favor. He tried new things. He made painful mistakes. He found mentors.

Austin eventually realized that six-figure freelancers all do the same things. They pay close attention to their positioning, packaging, pricing, pipeline, psychology, and process. The 6 P’s.

In 2019 Austin launched Freelance Cake to share the best of what six-figure freelancers already know and do.

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Hi, I'm Austin

I’m a writer, brand strategist, and business coach.
I’m passionate about my faith and family. I can’t get enough barbecue, fantasy fiction, travel, or morning runs. And the game of entrepreneurship fascinates me.

I believe it’s possible to make great money doing the work that brings us joy. However, most creatives and artists aren’t naturally gifted at business. You can be excellent at writing or design and terrible at making money. 👀

Thankfully, we can learn the right habits and business skills, the ones that mean the difference between scraping by and truly thriving.

If you want help putting all the pieces together, you’re in the right place.

My mission is to help 1,000,000 freelance creatives make $100K doing joyful, profitable work.

I want you to have your cake and eat it too—more freelance income and more freedom to enjoy life and be generous.


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“Austin is a weird, wonderful combination of Ben Franklin and Matthew McConaughey—good, solid business sense steeped in the finest Southern chill.”

Myles McDonough

Myles McDonough

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