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The Freelance Cake Podcast

This podcast helps ambitious freelancers get better results with less effort. We reveal the specific beliefs, principles, and practices that give you better leverage. Every episode contains no-hype, non-expiring ideas that you can use right away to make the freelance game more profitable and enjoyable. 

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What if you could charge four times what you do now by making small changes to your freelance packaging? In episode 010, Austin shares an early coaching case study. Robert is a business consultant who signed up for Business (re)Launch, Austin's freelance coaching program. With Austin's help, he developed a new offer. The offer enabled Robert to charge four times what he had previously. When you package up your services and outcomes and communicate the value as a juicy offer, you make it easy for your audience to get excited.

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Episode 9

How To Sell Outcomes, Not Hours: The Perfect 9-Word Response for Freelance Clients

Hourly is by far the most popular freelance pricing model, but time is never what clients want. Our job is to deliver the desired business outcome, not give them our time. Reframe the conversation and start selling outcomes, not hours. In this episode, Austin shares real-life situations of why outcome-based selling makes perfect sense for freelancers, as well as the perfect 9-word response to use with time-focused clients. Make sure to save it! “To win at this freelancing game, you need to rethink what it is that you sell, and what it is that clients are really buying from you.”

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Episode 8

7-Step Freakout Protocol for Getting Last-Minute Freelance Income

In Episode 008, Austin shares his 7-step freakout protocol – which will come in handy when you’re staring down the end of the month and freaking out a little about your lack of freelance clients. Clients come and go. Meanwhile, bills keep coming; it's no surprise that many freelancers develop money worries! This episode will help you overcome financial anxieties that make it difficult to do your best work and harness your creativity to score freelance projects. Make sure you listen all the way to the end, and don't forget to grab Austin's free templates on how to follow up with past clients or silent prospects without getting on their nerves.

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Episode 7

Art and Commerce Do Mix – Ditch the “Starving Artist” Mindset & Upgrade Your Limiting Beliefs About Money & Creativity

In Episode 007, Austin discusses the false dichotomy between art and commerce. He also breaks down the Japanese concept of “ikigai. Finally, he encourages freelancers to overcome self-limiting beliefs about money by viewing it as a tool – rather than a goal – that allows them more creativity, freedom, and generosity. We’re all familiar with the identity of the starving artist – the assumption that artists and freelance creatives must forego financial stability to preserve their creative integrity usually goes unchallenged. But what if that way of thinking is wrong? The truth is, you can make exceptionally good stuff while also creating a great livelihood for yourself. You can put an end to the starving artist mentality and embrace the reality that the right people will place a high value on your work.

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Episode 6

Niching Down Is Really About Abundance Mindset & Strategic Simplicity

In Episode 006, Austin shares 16 benefits of finding a profitable and sustainable nice niche and explains why so many freelancers still choose not to specialize despite the apparent benefits. He also tackles 4 myths about niching down to encourage more freelancers to take the leap. To survive in the freelance business, we take on a variety of projects in a variety of industries. We make freelancing harder on ourselves. After adopting more of an abundance mindset, Austin specialized in content marketing for tech founders and SaaS companies. Specialization simplified his marketing. The question remains: To niche or not to niche? Listen to the episode and decide for yourself!

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Episode 5

Less But Better - The Marketing Principle That Helps Freelancers Stay Consistent Even When They’re Busy

In Episode #5, Austin shares the 20 Stories Exercise that helped him build a predictable flow of freelance income. He also goes over the 6 questions you need to uncover which of your current marketing strategies bring you your best, easiest money. Freelancers have a bad habit of chasing every new marketing strategy on every platform, when we get better results when we do “less but better” – a marketing principle Austin drew from German industrial designer Dieter Rams. Are you having trouble staying on top of your marketing or is the whole process too intimidating for you? This episode is for you.

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Episode 4

Pricing Is Branding – Using the Psychology of Pricing to Attract Better Clients & Shape What They Believe About You

In Episode #4, Austin L. Church takes you back to April 2009 when he first started his freelance journey. Two weeks after getting laid off from his job at a marketing agency, a potential client named Andrew asked Austin this question: "What do you charge?" He chose $40 per hour as his rate because his agency had billed out his time at $85 an hour. If he charged half, then maybe clients would feel like they were getting a good deal. Does that describe you now? Are you one of the many freelancers who think clients only want a good deal? Chances are, you're charging less than you could be. This episode will give you the chance to ponder your current pricing, identify your mental traps, and start upgrading your limiting beliefs.  To get paid what you're worth, you’ve got to take your head trash to the curb.

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