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The Freelance Cake Podcast

This podcast helps ambitious freelancers get better results with less effort. We reveal the specific beliefs, principles, and practices that give you better leverage. Every episode contains no-hype, non-expiring ideas that you can use right away to make the freelance game more profitable and enjoyable. 

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Latest Episode

In Episode #5, Austin shares the 20 Stories Exercise that helped him build a predictable flow of freelance income. He also goes over the 6 questions you need to uncover which of your current marketing strategies bring you your best, easiest money. Freelancers have a bad habit of chasing every new marketing strategy on every platform, when we get better results when we do “less but better” – a marketing principle Austin drew from German industrial designer Dieter Rams. Are you having trouble staying on top of your marketing or is the whole process too intimidating for you? This episode is for you.

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More Episodes

Episode 4

Pricing Is Branding – Using the Psychology of Pricing to Attract Better Clients & Shape What They Believe About You

In Episode #4, Austin L. Church takes you back to April 2009 when he first started his freelance journey. Two weeks after getting laid off from his job at a marketing agency, a potential client named Andrew asked Austin this question: "What do you charge?" He chose $40 per hour as his rate because his agency had billed out his time at $85 an hour. If he charged half, then maybe clients would feel like they were getting a good deal. Does that describe you now? Are you one of the many freelancers who think clients only want a good deal? Chances are, you're charging less than you could be. This episode will give you the chance to ponder your current pricing, identify your mental traps, and start upgrading your limiting beliefs.  To get paid what you're worth, you’ve got to take your head trash to the curb.

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Episode 3

3 Freelance Goal Setting Questions to Keep Your Business Moving in the Right Direction

In Episode #3, Austin L. Church shares the goal-setting exercise that helped him and his wife break their overspending habit. He also goes over the 3 questions you need to keep your freelance business on the rails and get the kind of growth you want. Freelancing is hard work. With all the moving parts in your freelance business, and all the noise and motion, it's easy to get off track. Austin heard a wise person say, “Discipline is remembering what you want.” The more clearly you define your freelance goals and motivations, the better your decisions will be. Take this podcast episode as your opportunity to reconnect with what you really want.

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Episode 2

How Debt & Desperation Led to Value-Based Pricing & Selling Strategy

In Episode #2, Austin L. Church reflects back on a difficult season in his career in the fall of 2015. During a trip to Florida, he discovered that he and his wife were spending more than he was earning. They were back in debt. Austin had been binge-listening to Brennan Dunn’s Double Your Freelancing podcast, and several ideas Brennan shared became the next freelance experiments Austin tried. Instead of doing discovery sessions for free, he tried selling strategy as a standalone offer. This one move put his business on a whole new trajectory. Sometimes, we need a breakdown to have a breakthrough.

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Episode 1

The Good Kind of Cheating - How a Positioning Statement Makes the Freelance Game Easier to Win

In this episode, Freelance Cake host Austin L. Church explains the show’s core concept—better leverage. Freelancers find it easier to grow when we stack up advantages. A positioning cheat code is one advantage that gets us better results with less effort.

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